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"I like cancelled plans. And empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms. And quiet coffee shops. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings."

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Mutant 101 - Professor Xavier Should Put In A Call To Her Parents - 5 Year Old Mia Stares Down marvelentertainment's Cast Of Guardians Of The Galaxy As She Crushes Them In A Game Of GotG Trivia On jimmykimmellive [X

Vin Diesel in the background looking at her like “SHE’S PERFECT.  WANT ONE.”

I thought girls didn’t like Super Heroes.

You thought what? 

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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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A French company is coming up with a windowless jet concept.

The idea is to enhance the view by filming the exterior environment and putting it on the inside of the cabin.  It would also be possible to put other things on the screens, such as a movie. 

I made the gifs from this video

Here is an article about it

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Avengers 2 Age of Ultron sneak peek comic con 6 (x)


I get to work with these talented human beings. I am one lucky guy.

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Light from the beginning of time
Kenneth Callicutt


8 Rules of Texting Your Crush


Texting your crush can be stressful and nerve-racking. Being confident, thinking of the perfect things to say, and having butterflies all at the same time? Don’t fear! 

8 Rules of Texting Your Crush


Of course, then there’s working up the nerve to ask them for their number in the first place.

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The story of my personal and professional life.

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Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually

shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 

shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg

shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.

Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea.  

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My great-great-grandmother’s portrait hung in the university up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

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The art show in #oldtowne got rained on :/ dang it #SoCal


Andy’s Seven Wonders of the World

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A day of intellect and beauty! :P
Resealing of the tile floors=done! Now to do Pilates :P